Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jon Ossoff exceeds expectations in Georgia 6th Congressional District special election

By 5.3 percentage points.  (Thank you, Donald Trump!)

Sources:  The New York Times (actual), Real Clear Politics (average)

Mr. Ossoff’s strong showing will ensure that national Democrats continue to compete here and will increase pressure on the party to contest a special House election next month in Montana that it has so far ignored. Combined with Democrats’ better-than-expected performance in a special House election in Kansas last week, the Georgia result will be an immediate boon to Democratic groups, lifting their fund-raising and bolstering candidate recruitment efforts, while sobering Republicans who are assessing whether to run in Mr. Trump’s first midterm election.

Yes, Donald, concerned Americans everywhere are glad for your help.  

Yup, BIG "R" win in a district that a Democrat hasn't represented since the Carter administration.

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