Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas, where Hooters is planning to make a comeback

Postcard from Retiring Guy's collection

Hooters may reappears in Little Rock.  (Arkansas Business, 4/17/2017)
This would be a second central Arkansas location for the owl-themed restaurant chain, which has a store at 4110 Landers Road in North Little Rock. (And no, despite the owl logo, it’s not really owl-themed.)

Other greetings:
Superstition Mountain, Arizona.  (4/15/2017)
Tucson, Arizona.  (4/12/2017)
Phoenix, Arizona.  (4/8/2017)
Monument Valley, Arizona/Utah.  (4/8/2017)
Dothan, Alabama.  (4/5/2017)
Mobile, Alabama.  (4/5/2017)

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