Wednesday, January 11, 2017

When it comes to 'unusual warmth', Morning Consult prefers to keep the blinders on

2016 Was Second-Hottest Year on Record in U.S.  (Morning Consult, 1/9/2017)

But climate change is a global phenomenon, Jack, not just what we see out of our windows here in the U.S.

Source:  NOAA

Graph found at Global Analysis - November 2016 year-to-date temperatures versus previous years.
This graphic compares the year-to-date temperature anomalies for 2016 (black line) to what were ultimately the seven warmest years on record:
      1. 2015
      2. 2014 
      3. 2010 
      4. 2013
      5. 2005
      6. 2009
      7. 1998
The use of 1998 as a reference point is a favorite meme of GOP legislators and other climate deniers.

Photo source U.S. Congress
Text source: Skeptical Science

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