Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Here's some real fake news: Alabama graduation rate gains lead the nation

Alabama Admits Its High School Graduation Rate Was Inflated.  (NPR, 12/19/2016)
The revelations come as high school graduation rates have been rising across the country, nowhere more than in Alabama. Its rate, now at 89 percent, has risen 17 points since 2011. The average state increase was barely four points.

  1. Alabama high school graduation rate reaches 89 percent.  (Montgomery Advertiser, 1/14/2016)
  2. Superintendent Tommy Bice, panelists disagree sharply on Common Core standards at forum.  (al.com, 1/24/2014)
  3. A Stake in the Ground:  Don't Trust the Headlines.  (The West Alabama Watchman, 12/4/2012)

Bice retired as Superintendent on March 31, 2016.  Although he sez here that he plans to work in the private sector, he has yet to update his LinkedIn profile.

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