Saturday, December 24, 2016

Donald Trump sets the table for hate, intolerance and complete piggishness

Quoted in What do we want for 2017?  We have a Lot of Different Opinions.  (Artvoice, 12/23/2016)

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Trump ‘friend’ and N.Y. campaign co-chair says he wants Obama dead of ‘mad cow disease’ in 2017.  (Washington Post, 12/23/2016)

Uproar continues over Paladino comments on Obamas.  (Buffalo News, 12/24/2016)
Larry Quinn, a current School Board member and friend of Paladino, said he wanted to keep his reaction brief until he spoke with Paladino about the episode, but disapproved of Paladino's language. 
"I don't like the words he used," he said. "I don't want to speculate at this time about what may happen. I'm not ready to jump in that pool yet. Carl's a friend, and I will give him an opportunity to talk to me about this."

The many other tables that Trump has set.

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