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Middleton Center UPDATE. Almost two years later, the movin' in is done

Photo by Retiring Guy

8/23/2017 update, "Some landscaping and lots of movin' in yet to do", starts here.

Looking west on Hubbard Avenue toward phase 2 of Middleton Center.

At the intersection of Parmenter and Hubbard

1st floor business spaces topped by 4 floors of apartments.

All photos by Retiring Guy

9/5/2017 update, "Looks like a fun place will be moving in on this corner", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

What's coming to the Madison restaurant scene this fall.  (Capital Times, 8/30/2017)
To the west, Brasserie V owners Matt and Andrea Van Nest plan to open their second restaurant, Longtable Beer Cafe, in Middleton by the first week of October. Like the Van Nest's popular bar on Monroe Street, Longtable will focus on craft beer, seating about 100 people inside at communal tables.

8/19/2017 update, "Views of the project a week before Good Neighbor Fest". starts here.

Look closely.  You'll see a clock on the tower.

A few of the apartments are occupied, but it doesn't appear as though people are clamoring to sign leases, perhaps the price T. Wall has to pay for promoting his project as "at the forefront of luxury and style".

This not-quite-courtyard space will be used for outdoor seating for one of the restaurants on the Hubbard Avenue side of the building.

A view of the west end of Phase 1.

Parmenter Street perspective.

6/23/2017 update starts here.

From Parmenter and Hubbard

Just south of the railroad tracks on Parmenter

Just south of the railroad track behind the Middleton Public Library.

5/28/2017 update, "In the home stretch", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

5/11/2017 update, "Cladding on south side of Phase 1 office building", starts here.

Photo at this angle previously taken on April 27.

Source:  Property Drive

5/2/2017 update, "Hubbard Avenue perspective of the new Middleton Center as the sun sets", starts here.

iPhone photo

iPhone pano

4/27/2017 update, " Middleton Center Phase 1 on a bright sunshiny day", starts here.

From Parmenter and Hubbard

Photos by Retiring Guy

From the Terrace Avenue side of the tracks on Parmenter

4/13/2017 update, from a distance, starts here.

From the intersection of Parmenter and South.

The old and the new from the post office.

3/24/2017 update, "Phase 1 cladding underway", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

At the not so in-between price of $1,810/month

3/7/2017 update, "Sun is still shining but plastic covering removed from top floors of (new) Old Middleton Center construction ", starts here.

Photo by Retiring Guy

The largest floor plan

Described as 'fabulous'.  $1,960 per month.

2/7/2017 update, "The sun shines....", starts here.

From Aurora Street looking north/northeast across Terrace.

The framing is just about done on the larger of the 1st two buildings.

Sheathed in plastic

The smallest floor plans:  551 to 619 square feet.

1/23/2017 update, "Walkaround on a drearily overcast Sunday", starts here.

Can't wait for the sun to shine at this time of year.

From the railroad tracks on Parmenter.

Village Green peekaboo.

At the Hubbard Avenue curve

At the intersection of Hubbard and Parmenter

1/4/2017 update, "Framing up to third level", starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

Here's a view of the south elevation from the Specific Implementation Plan (SIP)

12/22/2016 update, "Visual progress report at dusk", starts here.

Photo taken on a walk to the post office.

Photo taken after visit to the post office, at the intersection of Parmenter and Hubbard.

A 'live' view of this rendering is still 2-3 years away.

11/25/2016 update starts here.

Photos by Retiring Guy

10/26/2016 update, "Above-ground building profile emerges", starts here.


10/10/2016 update, "Foundation work progressing", starts here.

9/10/2016 update, "A better day than 2 weeks ago for a photo update", starts here.

8/26/2016 update starts here.

8/5/2016 update starts here.

I can even hear it from my house.  (I had to lean it very close to my laptop during this 10-second video.)

7/25/2016. If this were a video update, you'd hear the loud hum of a large pump off to the left.

Excavation:  the video.  (7/13/2016)

Excavation:  a Still shot.

7/9/2016.  Looking west from Parmenter Street

Looking southwest from Hubbard Ave., across from the Village Green

June 24, 2016

June 17, 2016

May 16, 2016. 

May 7, 2016.  A week's worth of demolition.

5/5/2016.  A beautiful day to demolish a 35-year-old building.

Terrence Wall begins major redevelopment in downtown Middleton.  (, 5/4/2016)
After staging a ceremonial partial demolition last week, developer Terrence Wall on Tuesday resumed demolition of Old Middleton Centre to make way for his latest development, which will add more than 200 apartments to the area bounded by Elmwood, Hubbard and Terrace avenues and Parmenter Street.

And the walls came tumbling down.

Compare the view #1 below.

Rubble close-up

Original 4/23/2016 post starts here.

The 35-year-old retail/office development of six similarly designed buildings never found its mojo from the start.

1818 Parmenter Street and 7507 Hubbard Avenue locations in particular.

View #1.  As you can see from the windows, the demo has already begun.

View #2.  

View #3:

Next year:  7611 Hubbard and 7609 Elmwood
2018:  1800 Parmenter and 7600 Terrace.

The new T. Wall development will also include office and retail as well as 200+ apartments.

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