Thursday, February 4, 2016

1973: When I first learned to appreciate Maurice White

pi From the album Last Days and Time, released in November 1972.  But it was sometime in the spring of 1973 when I discovered it.

It's the last cut on side 1 of Earth, Wind & Fire's 3rd album, which made its debut on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart for the week ending November 25, 1972, when I was in my final semester at UB.  It peaked at #87 and stuck around for 25 weeks.

Commercially, much better things were yet to come for the group, but artistically, this song remains my favorite of theirs.  It hit me to the core.  And it still sound as great today as it did 43 years ago.

As you can clearly see from this photo, I needed a song like this to keep me going.

It took me awhile to find my footing after college graduation.  Funny thing.  My sons are now experiencing the same thing.  I take heart in the knowledge that it all worked out just fine for me.

As for the hardhat, I had to turn it in on my last day of work at Penelec. 

Then it was off to Kenny and Lauren's wedding in NYC...

...and then to the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Pittsburgh.

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