Thursday, April 14, 2016

UPDATE: Donald Trump invites Rick Wiley back from Mexico

Or wherever Rick had been hanging out after parting ways with Scott Walker.

As quoted in Donald Trump hires ex-Scott Walker campaign boss.  (No Quarter Blog by Daniel Bice, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 4/13/2016)

'Decades'?  That's a stretch, Donald.  (Although his resume is varied -- and a bit checkered.)

Source:  Ballotpedia

'A very successful career in winning elections'?

Let's take a look at the record:

  • 1998.  Loleta Didrickson loses her primary
  • 2002.  Jim Doyle, a Democrat, is elected Governor of Wisconsin.
  • 2004.  George W. Bush loses Wisconsin, although he wins re-election to the Presidency.
  • 2008.  Rudy Giuliani drops out 9 months before the Presidential election.
  • 2012.  Obama is easily re-elected to a 2nd term.
  • 2015.  Scott Walker suspends his campaign after tanking in the polls and blowing through all (and more) of his campaign cash.  

My guess is that Cruz and Kasich are very pleased with this choice.

Original 8/18/2015 post "Scott Walker's poll numbers wreak havoc on campaign manager Rick Wiley", begins here.

Scott Walker's campaign manager is receiving a lot of unsolicited travel advice.

Photo credit:  Ballotpedia

As quoted in Scott Walker campaign chair Rick Wiley: 'I'm not going anywhere'. (Capital Times, 9/17/2015)

In all likelihood, Rick Wiley IS going somewhere.

And Steve Miller has a suggestion.

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