Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Another case of misplaced priorities

As quoted in Bucks: Overflow crowd for public hearing on Milwaukee funding for new arena.  (Madison.com, 9/1/2015)

A campaign to foster greatness in public spaces. It is Common Ground’s position that if public funds are used to build a new Bradley Center arena, then at least $150 million of these funds must be used to improve Milwaukee County public schools athletic facilities and recreational spaces.

Report.  Envisioning Fair Play:  A common dream for Milwaukee parks and recreational facilities.

From 2 years ago.  [highlight added]

That's 4 tix @ $60, 2 beers @ $6.50, 2 sodas @ $5.50, and 4 hot dogs @$4.00.

Source:  Nerd Wallet

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