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UPDATE. Kenosha Public Library: Circulation and program attendance, 2009-2018

Kenosha Public Library in the news:
Is the Kenosha Public Library relevant in today’s digital age?  (Kenosha News, 1/8/2019)
While the traditional items — physical, printed books — remain important staples within the Kenosha Public Library, staffers say patrons are using the local amenity for a growing list of other uses, some having nothing to do with books. 
The articles ahead in this special report point to how library staffers are working to bring the local amenity into the digital age through community partnerships and offering diverse programs for patrons of all ages.
Much More Than Books: Kenosha Public Library staffers bring amenity into the 21st century..  (Kenosha News, 1/8/2019)
Throughout the year, library staffers went beyond the physical walls of the four branch libraries with 570 events, which 14,687 attendees enjoyed. Additionally, 983,373 checkouts were recorded, and 264,027 visitors connected to the Internet. 
While the term “library” oftentimes is associated with a physical space, Cummings and others within the library are quick to point out the organization is about something greater than books and the confines of its walls. 
“We’re about being a hub in the community,” Cummings said. “It’s more than just a space.” 
A place for all ages: KPL staffers aim to have programs for patrons from all generations.  (Kenosha News, 1/14/2019)
In the digital age, the Kenosha Public Library’s branches remain a place for the time-honored traditional storytimes, but staffers say efforts go into ensuring resources and programs are tailored to patrons of all ages and interest groups. 
A sample of the library’s overtures is encapsulated in its most recent annual report. Across Kenosha, library branches have hosted 10 active book clubs for adults and made 80 lobby stops at senior living facilities. 
The library also reaches out to youth in a number of seemingly unorthodox ways, as evidenced by a kid science program and a local rendition of Comic Con. 
More new initiatives have been underway, as evidenced by the establishment of a children’s reading garden and a teen-focused cooking station dubbed Kenosha Kitchen

Breaking down barriers: KPL’s community influence extends beyond its physical buildings.  (Kenosha News, 1/14/2019)
With bright, vibrant, imagination-inspired images covering its body, the Kenosha Public Library’s Bookmobile is hard to miss. 
The bus-turned-traveling book repository is a roving example of how the city’s public library system is striving to have an impact on the community beyond the walls of the four traditional branches across the city. 
While the Bookmobile most commonly is associated with serving children, it also serves other segments of the population, including older adults. 

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Kenosha Public Library in the news:
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Source:  Wisconsin Public Library Service Data (2015 preliminary)

Recent KPL news:
They found their life's work at the library.  (Kenosha News, 7/14/2016)
At Kenosha Public Library, however, several employees have stayed for the duration of their careers. According to Barbara Brattin, KPL director and Kenosha County Library director, 17 of its 118 staffers have been on board for more than 20 years each. 
Kenosha libraries join regional system.  (Kenosha News, 6/10/2016)
The Kenosha County Library System is launching a newly expanded catalog later this month, following a merger with Lakeshores Library System of Racine and Walworth counties. The new catalog and records made available by the merger expands Kenosha Public Libraries and Community Libraries access from 440,000 items to 2 million. They come online Thursday

Library collections change with the times.  (Kenosha News, 10/22/2015)
The library system — both in its brick-and-mortar buildings and on its website — has thousands of resources that go well beyond books. At Southwest Library, librarians said some of the least-known items available for checkout or use in the buildings range from a magnifier that can help decipher tough-to-read documents, to digital conversion kits patrons can use to convert old VHS tapes to digital formats. For students, there are online study guides for Advanced Placement exams available under the “homework help” tab on the system’s website, and music files that can be downloaded form home.

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Statistics found at Wisconsin Public Library Service Data: 1996 - Preliminary 2014. (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

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