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UPDATE. Kenosha Public Library: Circulation and program attendance, 2009-2017

Kenosha Public Library in the news:
Kenosha Public Library– A Power of Libraries Story.  (SirsiDynix, 6/21/2018)
Public library celebrates work on the community.  (Kenosha News, 9/26/2018)
Before paying, see what the library offers for free.  (Kenosha News, 10/5/2018)

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10/31/2017 update starts here.

Kenosha Public Library in the news:
Is Simmons Library haunted?  Some think so.  (Kenosha News, 10/27/2017)
Library's first costume giveaway is a hit.  (Kenosha News, 10/14/2017)
Local library aficionados recognized for advocacy at first-ever gala.  (Kenosha News, 10/7/2017)

8/13/2016 update starts here.

Source:  Wisconsin Public Library Service Data (2015 preliminary)

Recent KPL news:
They found their life's work at the library.  (Kenosha News, 7/14/2016)
At Kenosha Public Library, however, several employees have stayed for the duration of their careers. According to Barbara Brattin, KPL director and Kenosha County Library director, 17 of its 118 staffers have been on board for more than 20 years each. 
Kenosha libraries join regional system.  (Kenosha News, 6/10/2016)
The Kenosha County Library System is launching a newly expanded catalog later this month, following a merger with Lakeshores Library System of Racine and Walworth counties. The new catalog and records made available by the merger expands Kenosha Public Libraries and Community Libraries access from 440,000 items to 2 million. They come online Thursday

Library collections change with the times.  (Kenosha News, 10/22/2015)
The library system — both in its brick-and-mortar buildings and on its website — has thousands of resources that go well beyond books. At Southwest Library, librarians said some of the least-known items available for checkout or use in the buildings range from a magnifier that can help decipher tough-to-read documents, to digital conversion kits patrons can use to convert old VHS tapes to digital formats. For students, there are online study guides for Advanced Placement exams available under the “homework help” tab on the system’s website, and music files that can be downloaded form home.

Original 8/2/2015 post starts here.

Statistics found at Wisconsin Public Library Service Data: 1996 - Preliminary 2014. (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction)

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