Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bobby Jindal translated: I know it's popular to pander to social conservatives, and I'm pandering!

Source of quotationThe New York Times
Photo credit:  State of Louisiana

Unhappy With a Moderate Jeb Bush, Conservatives Aim to Unite Behind an Alternative.  (The New York Times, 3/25/2015)

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Louisiana Miscellany.  (Public Policy Polling, 2/18/2014)
  • Not much of a springboardBobby Jindal continues to be one of the most unpopular Governors in the country, with only 35% of voters approving of him to 53% who disapprove.  (It fell to 34% in September 2014.) 
  • In Jindal's case, there's a good reason why he's not 'evolving'.  Louisiana is one state where gay marriage isn't going to be legal any time soon unless the courts make it so. Only 28% of voters in the state think it should be allowed compared to 62% who think it should be illegal, and even among Democrats there's 33/55 opposition. Nevertheless you can still see signs that acceptance will come eventually- 54% of voters favor at least civil unions for same sex couples with only 43% opposed to any sort of recognition at all.

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