Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The 2016 election in Adams County Wisconsin (And here we thought the GOP had a problem)

Updated tallies from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel  (100%)

2012-2016 % change in vote by party
  • +24.8% Republicans
  •  -29.6% Democrats
Third party tallies
  • Gary Johnson 199 (2%)
  • Jill Stein 81 (1%)

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Adams County: A vote for Barack Obama, then Donald Trump; What happened?.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 11/27/2016)
Rural Wisconsin was decisive in making Trump the first Republican to carry the Badger State in more than three decades. Thanks in part to a weak showing by Clinton, Trump won 18 rural counties that went for Obama four years ago.

Original 11/5/2014 post, "Adams County, Wisconsin:  The Case of the Quadrennial Democrats", starts here.

2008-2010 drop in Democratic voter participation:  43.2% compared to 5.6% for Republicans.
2012-2014 drop in Democratic voter participation:  42.5% compared to 21% for Republicans.

2014 figures are preliminary.

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Wisconsin.  (11/9/2016)

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