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UPDATE. New Year's resolution: Kewaunee County voters just don't get it

Kewaunee County's Request For The New Year: Cleaner Water.  (Wisconsin Public Radio, 12/15/216)
Kewaunee County Supervisor Lee Luft delivered an emphatic message Wednesday to the Natural Resources Board about the water pollution many residents say is connected to animal waste from large farms. "There's very, very little monitoring, and very, very little enforcement," Luft said.

From the top.  The environmental message is clear from the presidential candidate who received 62% of the vote in Kewaunee County.

In choosing Pruitt to head the EPA, Trump has sent a clear message that he intends to follow through on his campaign promise to cut back on environmental regulations that he and many Republicans have long argued harm businesses.

Such as Augustian Farms LLC, one of 16 CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations) in Kewaunee County.

11/14/2016 update, "The 2016 presidential election in Kewaunee County Wisconsin", starts here

2016 update:  Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (100% reporting)

2012-2016 % change in vote by party
  •  +13.4%  Republicans
  •   -29.7%  Democrats
Third party tallies
  • Gary Johnson 348 (3%)
  • Jill Stein 79 (1%)

County rankings of vote change by party

Counties where Trump won 60% or more of the vote are highlighted.

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Original 11/14/2014 post, "Kewaunee County, Wisconsin: The Case of the Quadrennial Democrats", starts here.

The 2008 results are an anomaly.  Bush-Cheney beat Gore-Lieberman 4883-4670 in 2000 and Kerry-Edward 5970-5175 in 2004.

2008-2010 drop in Democratic voter participation:  43% vs. 2.8% for Republicans.
2012-2014 drop in Democratic voter participation:  35% vs. 1.3% for Republicans.

Walker's vote total increased by 24% in 2014 compared to 2010.  Mary Burke increased Tom Barrett's total by 0.3%.

2008, 2010, and 2012 election figures from the (soon-to-be-snuffed?) Government Accountability Board.  The 2014 figures are preliminary.

Source:  Wikipedia

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