Monday, July 23, 2012

Climate Change Results in Coast Guard's "Unprecedented" Deployment to North Shore of Alaska


Page ES-1.   The melting sea ice has resulted in the opening of new navigable waterways and uses for these waterways, as well as the increased desire to explore further below the seabed for natural resources. The increased levels of human activity in the Arctic will result in a substantial increase in maritime activities during the summer of 2012. To fulfill its mandated missions in the Arctic, the Coast Guard needs to plan for and respond to these anticipated changes.

Page 1-1.Vessel activity in the Arctic has increased with the retreating sea ice and includes a broad range of vessels including 
  • icebreakers, 
  • research, 
  • oil industry, 
  • ore carriers, 
  • coastal resupply, 
  • cruise ships, 
  • recreational/adventurer vessels, and 
  • state commercial fishing. 
With increased traffic comes an increased potential for 

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