Thursday, May 24, 2012

Is There Some Wiggle Room in Your Collection Development/Materials Selection Policy?

Despite buzz some libraries say 'Grey' too blue. (Houston Chronicle, 5/23/2012)

Excerpt:   Jerilynn A. Williams, director of the Montgomery County Public Library, said the novels were rejected under the system's collection review process*, which is based on professional reviews in Publisher's Weekly and other library journals**. 

 "Without a professional review that recommends the work, it can be as popular as can be and we will still not carry it," Williams said, adding that the library tries to buy "the best of the best" with limited dollars. [Emphasis added.]

*Goal 2C. To serve a heterogeneous community of more than 200,000 people who have different cultural, inspirational, informational, and recreational pursuits through building collections of printed and other materials suitable to such a diverse group, within the limitations of budget, space, and availability of materials;

**Selection criteria 6C.   Some materials are considered because of widespread or local demand.

Retiring Guy investigates further.

Step 1.  Access library website.

Step 2:  Go to catalog and search for offending title.

Step 3;  Click on white arrow in red circle.

Step 4:  Check holdings information.
All locations are libraries in neighboring Harris County (west and northwest), although it appears that Montgomery County residents may place holds on this title.

On the other hand, Montgomery County Memorial Library cardholders can download their red-hot reading interests.

Gotta love the cupcake!

Happy 10th anniversary, Blaze!

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