Sunday, May 13, 2012

"We do not collect erotica @ Gwinnett County Public Library"

Gwinnett County Public Library

"We've had 12 requests."

Wonder how many more there'd be if patrons could place holds online.

To me, a better response to the "are you going to purchase" question is.....

E. L. James's trilogy is a publishing phenomenon.  It currerntly holds the top three places on both the New York Times ebook and paperback best sellers lists.  It's sold millions of copies.  Most public libraries have enough holds to keep the books in circulation for a year.  With this much demand, we have an obligation to purchase the book.

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Anonymous said...

We don't collect erotica either. We buy it for people to read.

Anonymous said...

I love the above comment. Enough said.

J DeB said...

Publisher Random House apparently thought that gossip site TMZ was the best place to voice their concern about libraries "banning" its book

Anonymous said...

At least with all the comments about the content patrons who request something just because it is a "Best Seller" and then complain about the horrid content can't say they were unaware this time! I don't know how many times a patron requests a book because it is in the top whatever and then comes in a complains about the content. Patrons should be aware of what they are requesting and should not take out their dissatifaction on a librarian who only placed the request for them.
The language they use should be banned as well!

Anonymous said...

I thought it amusing the person at the GA library had to clarify why there were sticky notes in the book. We all know why they're there. ;)