Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Have You Dusted Off Your Policy on Erotica?

Libraries Debate Stocking '50 Shades of Grey" Trilogy.  (The New York Times, 5/21/2012)

Excerpt:  In some cases demand has been so great that it has forced exasperated library officials to dust off their policies — if they have them — on erotica.

Spot check.

(Still) nothing to dust off here.

Nor here.

The enthusiasm has carried over to libraries.

Holds lists for print copies more than double in 6 weeks!!

Did a variation of this conversation take place in 1959?   Too bad Ann Lesser, who worked from 1956 to 1991 at the Warren Public Library, is no longer here to ask.

Lady Chatterley's Lover is now well-represented in LINKcat.

Among those who have declined, or returned, an invitation to the party, and merited a mention in the article.

Another brief excerpt:  Last week a group of organizations that included the National Coalition Against Censorship formally responded, sending a letter to the library board in Brevard County scolding it for refusing to stock the book alongside standards like “Tropic of Cancer” or “Fear of Flying.”  (15 copies in LINKcat.)

And a final quote.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the feather duster story. Chuckles ensued.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the keyword isn't "Erotica" but "erotic fiction", or "romantic fiction", or a similar euphamism that puts the books on the shelves but keeps a low profile for the "my tax dollars shouldn't buy smut" folks... If you know which authors to look for, you can still find ALL kinds of very naughty stuff on most public library shelves. I have recommended several 'read alikes' to patrons who don't want to wait until Christmas to read FSG.

And no, I won't tell you how I know which ones to recommend. *grin* I don't remember who said it, but I've always liked the quote that "Dirty books are seldom dusty".

Anonymous said...

I checked back to Middleton's catalog; if you type in "erotic" you'll get 163 results, (although not all are erotic fiction )and if you do an author search for "Leigh Lora" you'll get 50 results, and she writes VERY explicit, and on occasion, VERY kinky stuff, including BDSM...

Like I said, you just have to know where to, um, look. Because I did look, and have read a fair number of them. I consider it a Reader's Advisory service. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the multiple posts; to be fair to the 0 results search, the previous comment findings were for LINKCat, which covers 20 libraries that include Madison. So it's absolutely possible for Middleton to have kept their shelves "pure". But the spicy books are at least requestable from Middleton - and a lot of them are already on hold.

So it's a good bet that they will NEVER need dusting!

Retiring Guy said...

Hey, I gotta jump in on this one. "Erotic stories" returns 634 results. When I limit the results to Middleton, I get 66 results, including the provocative "Claimed by the Wolf". There are 43 LINKcat libraries + the 8 Madison PL branches.