Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pulling "Shades" Doesn't Keep Out the Noise @ Brevard County Public Library

On Facebook (383 "likes", compared to 2102 for Appleton, 3124 for Milwaukee, 1096 for Hedberg.)

 OK, readers advisory specialists, and anyone else who wishes to weigh in.  Is Jen providing a worthy suggestion?  I don't know Laurel K. Hamilton from Adam Hall.


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Stacey Lunsford said...

I haven't read Fifty Shades but Hamilton's books, after about #8 in the Anita Blake series, and all of the Merry Gentry series, feature explicit sex, often with multiple partners simultaneously. They are categorized as urban fantasy and so have not received the attention that books blatantly labeled erotica do.

Anonymous said...

I call Hamilton's books the Vampire Gangbang series. I know some readers mostly gave up because the story and plot were set aside for more sex scenes.

Lorelei James (Lori Armstrong) has an erotic romance series that includes SM scenes, one book is titled TIED UP, TIED DOWN.

I have read neither series but James' books circ' well.

emily said...

It seems to me that people are taking this way too far. Just because a library chooses to pull something from their shelves does not make it "government censorship"...the government didn't ban the book (and neither did the library)...the book was pulled for whatever reason, but it is still available for purchase in the US or wherever. I am absolutely sick of all these mommy-temper tantrums. Go buy it.