Monday, February 6, 2012

Getting to Know Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin State Statutes: Libraries (Part 6, Certificates and Standards) )

43.09 Certificates and standards.

(1) PUBLIC LIBRARIANS The division shall [emphasis added; see below] issue certificates to public librarians and promulgate, under ch. 227, necessary standards for public librarians. The qualifications for public librarians shall be based on education, professional training and experience. Certificates already granted prior to December 17, 1971, shall remain in effect.

Public Librarian Certificate Application

Continuing Education Activity Report

 (2) PUBLIC LIBRARY SYSTEMS. The division, by rule, may [emphasis added; see below] promulgate necessary standards for public library systems. If promulgated, such rules shall be consistent with s. 43.15 [Standards for Public Library Systems] and shall be established in accordance with ch. 227, except that the division shall hold a public hearing prior to adoption of any proposed rule. In addition to the notice required under s. 227.17, the division shall endeavor to notify each public library of such public hearings.

Nolo's Plain English Law Dictionary. 
Shall.  An imperative, usually indicating that certain actions are mandatory, not permissive.
May.  An expression of possibility, a permissive choice to act or not.

1971 Senate Bill 47.  See pages 9 and 10.

1979 Assembly Bill 20.  See page 4.  Section (3) is repealed.   Language deleted:  COUNCIL ON PUBLIC STANDARDS. The council on standards shall advise the division f standards under subs. (1) and (2).

1985 Wisconsin Act 177.  See Section 14, page 3.  Section (2) (b) is repealed.  Language deleted:  The division may provisionall approve, based on standards lesser than those set under par. (a) a newly established public library system for not more than 5 years. To be eligible for provisional approval, a system shall have a plan approved by the division which provides for compliance with the standards under par. (a) at the end of the period of provisional approval .

1997 Wisconsin Act 150.  43.09 amended as follows:
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Anonymous said...

What's your point? If one is a library director, one should be aware of 43.09.

Retiring Guy said...

Click on part 1 and read the first paragraph.