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Getting to Know Chapter 43 of the Wisconsin State Statutes: Libraries (Part 5: COLAND)

43.07 Council on library and network development.

The state superintendent and the division shall seek the advice of and consult with the council on library and network development in performing their duties in regard to library service. The state superintendent or the administrator of the division shall attend every meeting of the council. The council may initiate consultations with the department and the division.

The council shall:

(1) Make recommendations to the division in regard to the development of standards for the certification of public librarians and standards for public library systems under s. 43.09.

(2) Advise the state superintendent in regard to the general policies and activities of the state’s program for library development, interlibrary cooperation and network development.

(3) Advise the state superintendent in regard to the general policies and activities of the state’s program for the development of school library media programs and facilities and the coordination of these programs with other library services.

(4) Hold a biennial meeting for the purpose of discussing the report submitted by the state superintendent under s. 43.03 (3) (d). Notice of the meeting shall be sent to public libraries, public library systems, school libraries and other types of libraries and related agencies. After the meeting, the council shall make recommendations to the state superintendent regarding the report and any other matter the council deems appropriate.

(5) On or before July 1 of every odd−numbered year, transmit to the state superintendent a descriptive and statistical report on the condition and progress of library services [report dated July 8, 2011] in the state and recommendations on how library services in the state may be improved. The state superintendent shall include the report as an addendum to the department’s biennial report under s. 15.04 (1)(d).

(6) Review that portion of the budget of the department relating to library service. Recommendations of the council in regard to the budget shall accompany the department’s budget request to the governor.

(7) Receive complaints, suggestions and inquiries regarding the programs and policies of the department relating to library and network development, inquire into such complaints, suggestions and inquiries, and advise the state superintendent and the division on any action to be taken.

COLAND bylaws.
COLAND agendas and minutes, 2003-2012.
Beginnings Report on theFuture of Wisconsin Libraries, 2008-2018.

1979 Assembly Bill 20.  (See sections 4 & 13.)
1985 Wisconsin Act 177.  (See sections 1 & 11)

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