Thursday, February 2, 2012

Future of Viroqua Center in Hands of City Council

Council to have say in Viroqua Center. (Vernon County Broadcaster, 2/1/2012)

Excerpt:     The future of how the Viroqua Center initiative proceeds is in the hands of the Viroqua City Council.

The council could meet and discuss as early as Feb. 12 whether to allow the library task force to continue planning the project as a collaboration or task the library board with designing a stand-alone facility.

The Viroqua City Council held a special meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 25, and discussed the work of the library task force to date. The task force gave an hour-long presentation of its work to the council.

Alderman Terry Noble said the library board has gone as far as it can under a May 2010 resolution made by the council. That resolution asked for the library to investigate the costs and construction of a new 17,500-square-foot library.

"I want to caution everyone about signing contracts and hiring companies and applying for grants under the name of the Viroqua Center," Noble said. "There is no approved Viroqua Center by this council... We have to decide in principle whether that's what we want to do - have the library as a self-standing entity or with it as part of a Viroqua Center project."

The Viroqua Center is an ongoing collaboration between the McIntosh Memorial Library, Western Technical College and other possible community partners.

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