Sunday, May 8, 2011

Detroit Resident Speak Up Against Branch Closings

Detroit residents speak out on library branch closures. (Detroit News, 5/7/2011)

Excerpt: The library faces an $11 million shortfall and falling property tax revenues, which have dropped 32 percent since 2008 from $42 million to nearly $29 million. Revenues are expected to continue to decline every year by 20 percent through 2014 to almost $15 million, based on figures presented at the forum by Jo Anne Mondowney, the library's executive director. The library is considering closing at least 10 of its 23 branches, but no announcements were made at the forum.

During Mondowney's brief presentation, she shared 2010 census data, telling the audience that Detroit's population has declined from about 951,000 residents to 713,000, a 25 percent drop, and the number of households has fallen from 410,000 to 349,000, down 15 percent. She concluded with a slide that asked, "How do we serve you with less?"

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