Monday, November 22, 2010

Sheboygan Alderman Plans to Introduce Budget Amendment to Address Library Shortfall

Link to November 22 Sheboygan Press article, "Sheboygan aldermen go back to work tonight on 2011 budget".

Excerpt: The budget does not address a proposed $300,000 cut in the Mead Public Library budget, and some aldermen called for fully funding the library at what is known as "maintenance of effort" in 2011, so it can remain in the Eastern Shores Library System and continue with its full services. During last week's budget public hearing, nearly 20 people spoke on behalf of full funding for the library, by far the most on any of the proposed budget cuts.

"The citizens would benefit from the public library being funded at maintenance of effort," Library Director Sharon Winkle said.

Ald. Cory Roeseler said last week he planned to introduce a document calling for the council to use city reserves to make up the library shortfall, a move that Ryan opposes.

If the council decides to restore the $300,000 library cut, Ryan said other cuts would have to be made to balance it

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