Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sheboygan Council Approves Mayor's New Appointments to Library Board

Link to April 27 Sheboygan Press article.

Excerpt: The Sheboygan Common Council approved Mayor Bob Ryan's lengthy list of city board, committee and commission appointments Monday night, including his controversial shakeup of the Mead Library Board that involved replacing its two top officers.

The council voted, 14-2, to confirm Ryan's appointments, in which the mayor named former alderwomen Dolcye Johnson and Marge Segalle to the Library Board. They will take the place of board President Bernie Markevitch and Vice President Tom Peneski, who both had sought new terms, but weren't nominated by Ryan.

The 10-member Library Board will name a new president and vice president after Johnson and Segalle are seated.

In making the appointments, Ryan said he wanted to see some new faces and ideas on the Library Board.

"The decisions not to reappoint Mr. Peneski and Mr. Markevitch had nothing to do with personal feelings," Ryan told the council. "They were simply based on the end of their appointment and myself seeing that fresh blood was needed."

Ryan's decision angered some who thought Markevitch and
Peneski should remain on the board to provide continued leadership in a difficult budget year.

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