Monday, July 6, 2009

Maintenance of Effort & the Mead Public Library

Link to July 5 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, "If Sheboygan cuts budget, library might have to leave Eastern Shores system".

Excerpt: A consortium of 13 libraries in Ozaukee and Sheboygan counties could lose its flagship library and $200,000 - about one third of its state funding - if Sheboygan's Mead Public Library is forced to pull out of the system because of budget cuts contemplated for 2010.

While the budgeting process for 2010 is barely under way, Mead Library Director Sharon Winkle said, the portents are not encouraging for the library as the city struggles to deal with a projected $2.2 million deficit in 2010.

"Unless we can work something out, it's very likely going to happen," Winkle said. "I'm certainly hoping we can work something out."

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Paul,

This is a good article about how communities are going to be affected by the conflict between shrinking budgets and the MOE - but Sheboygan is not the first to start dealing with it. Prairie du Chien Library Board and City Council have been trying to work out a solution since last fall.

Nancy Ashmore, Director, PDC Memorial Library