Monday, July 5, 2010

Just What You'd Expect: Cuts in State Aids to Localities Result in Layoffs and Service Cuts

Link to July 5 Boston Globe article, "Local aid cuts hits staffing, services".

Excerpt: Hundreds of city and town employees are being laid off across Massachusetts as the recently signed state budget forces communities to cut back on librarians, police, teachers, and other workers to balance the books.  [Listed in descending order?]

As tough as the cuts are to individuals losing their jobs, more drastic layoffs were averted largely by union concessions that included pay cuts, deferred raises, unpaid furlough days, and changes in health care plans, officials said.

An informal survey of town governments and school departments in about 25 Greater Boston communities found that because of the leaner state budget signed last week, communities are reducing the time libraries are open, cutting hours for some employees, leaving staff positions unfilled, taking advantage of new tax options such as the meals tax, and even switching to more energy-efficient bulbs in street lights.  
[Once again, the library option tops the list.]

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State budget includes cuts in aids to cities and towns.  (6/24/2010)

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