Thursday, April 8, 2010

Necedah Library Project Postponed

The current Necedah Public Library facility

Link to April 8 Juneau County Star-Times article.

Excerpt:   With eight of the 32 subsections for the proposed Necedah library building not receiving a bid, the completion date could be delayed by a month, according to village Administrator Roger Herried.

"Originally we were looking at the September [of 2010]," he said. "We're now looking at the end of October."

Herried said eight smaller sections of the building projects, such as chain link fencing around the dumpster area, did not garner any interest from contractors.

Rather than accepting bids for only part of the total project, the Village Board will restructure to combine subsections where appropriate before putting the library building out to bid again.

"The board decided to rebid the whole project," said Herried. "How do you really approve a project without a total cost?"

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