Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Wisconsin, like every other state, in trending in the wrong direction. More so than other, it appears.


Just a month ago the state Department of Health Services was reporting an average case total in the double digits. Now, the state reports a seven-day average of over 1,000 cases a day as the state deals with the onslaught of the delta variant. 
"All of us were kind of hoping that we were coming to a new normal not even a little over a month ago when our numbers were so low," said Weston. 
But a month later, Wisconsin is the second-worst state in the nation in the 14-day increase in cases and fifth-worst in hospitalizations, according to data from state governments and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Counties listed alphabetically.  (Counties highlighted in red reported an increase in new cases of 100% or more.  Counties highlighted in orange repoted an increase of 50-99%.)

Number of new Covid cases during
weeks ending August 2 and August 9

Counties listed by number of new cases, August 3-9, high to low.

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