Saturday, September 14, 2019

Population loss in Texas: Hall County/Memphis

It all started here.

Population loss as in major -- 50% or more.

Source:  Wikipedia (Hall County, Memphis)

Memphis is the county seat of Hall County.

Population loss by degrees:  80-90%70-79%, 60-69%, 50-59%.

Percentage of population 25 and older with a bachelor's degree:
  • 12.7% - Hall County
  • 28.7% - Texas
  • 30.9% - U.S.
Percentage of population 65 and older:
  • 23.2% - Hall County
  • 12.8% - Texas
  • 15.6% - U.S.
% of population living in poverty:
  • 24.0% - Hall County
  • 14.7% - Texas
  • 12.3% - U.S.

The last time Hall County voted for a Democratic candidate for president was 1996.  Trump received 81.9% of the vote in 2016.
Related reading:
Hall County Journal; Town Revives a Hospital and Itself.  (The New York Times, 12/5/1988) 

Last month, Hall County nearly became the 16th victim when its hospital, in the middle of the cotton farming town of Memphis, almost closed. When it didn't, when the town of 3,000 people managed to raise about $400,000 to keep the doors open, that was news. 
Hall County Hospital opened in 1966. Its 42 beds are almost never full. Yet most of the town's babies are delivered here, and occasionally an automobile accident victim who would not survive the trip 90 miles northwest to Amarillo is brought in. 

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