Tuesday, August 13, 2019

The GOP business model: Cheat, create an unlevel playing field, show no shame

Not sustainable.

Quiz: Let Us Predict WhetherYou’re a Democrat or a Republican.  (The New York Times, 8/8/2019)

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Texas Republicans brace for 2020 drubbing.  (Politico, 8/12/2019)
The rash of recent House GOP retirements is just the latest sign of a state party in distress: In last year’s midterms, Democrats flipped a pair of longtime GOP districts, a Democrat came within striking distance of a Senate seat, and more than 50 elected Republican judges lost their jobs. Democrats also gained ground in state legislative races. 
Changing demographics and a suburban revolt against President Donald Trump have turned Texas from a conservative bedrock to a major political battleground, especially for House seats.
Senior Voters, Some Wavering on Trump, Figure to Shape 2020 Election.  (The Wall Street Journal, 8/10/2019)
In 2016, despite polling showing an advantage for Democrat Hillary Clinton, voters over 65 backed Mr. Trump in the presidential election by a 52%-45% margin, according to exit polls. With still more than a year before next year’s election, 41% of seniors in a Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll in June said they would prefer to see Mr. Trump re-elected, while 48% favored a generic Democrat to win in 2020.

Republicans Fear ‘Extinction in the Suburbs’ Over Gun Control.  (MSN, 8/7/2019)
“Republicans are headed for extinction in the suburbs if they don’t distance themselves from the NRA. The GOP needs to put forth solutions to help eradicate the gun violence epidemic,” said Dan Eberhart, a Republican donor and oil-and-gas executive who supports President Donald Trump.

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