Wednesday, July 10, 2019

The Foxconn chips and dip UPDATE

Scott Walker, dreaming of a third term and uping the ante as his chances slip away.

Not even the 13,000 jobs target was meant to be.

As the Audit Bureau report points out:
Third, WEDC’s contract stipulates that Foxconn must create a minimum of 10,400 jobs over the 15-year period of the contract, but it indicates that Foxconn may create up to 13,000 jobs. Foxconn does not need to create 13,000 jobs in order to be awarded all program tax credits for job creation. Contractual provisions pertaining to job creation indicate that Foxconn could be awarded all available program tax credits in the final year of the contract. [emphasis added]

Original 7/8/2019 post, "Scott Walker's Foxconn menu:  From a 10-course dinner to chips and dip", starts here.

The Foxconn reality

Opined at Foxconn's crystal ball still looks fuzzy.  (Urban Milwaukee, 7/5/2019)

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