Thursday, July 26, 2018

Men on black: Needing distractions, Freedom Caucus crazies Mark Meadows (current chair) and Jim Jordan (past chair) call for Rod Rosenstein's impeachment

House conservatives introduce resolution calling for impeachment of Rod Rosenstein, who oversees special counsel probe on Russia.  (Washington Post, 7/25/2018)

Articles of impeachment

Catch up on the crazies:
Crazy Mark
Crazy Jim

Crazy Jim needs a big distraction right about now.

Related reading:
Rod Rosenstein impeachment:  Who are the 11 Republicans demanding Deputy AG's dismissal?  (Newsweek, 7/25/2018)

It's been a challenge to identify all 11 signers.  So far Newsweek has done the best legwork, but 3 white guys, I assume, remain unidentified.   Matt Gaetz (R-Florida) won a special election in August 2017 and became a absolute-warrior-in-defense-of-Trump member of the Freedom Caucus crazies.  (Yes, Matt's a white guy, too.)

This early April 2017 grouping of the Freedom Caucus crazies shown them in their nearly 100% conservative white male glory.

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