Sunday, October 8, 2017

UPDATE. Your UW Board of Regents: Totally owned by Scott Walker

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Reported in Proposal requires University of Wisconsin schools to seek non-academic applicants for chancellor jobs.  (, 10/6/2017)

The Regents adopted the changes on a voice vote during a meeting at UW-Stout. State schools Superintendent Tony Evers cast the lone dissenting vote. 

10/2/2017 update, "Boy oh boy, UW Regents go to the mirror", starts here.

UW regents may require expelling students who disrupt 'freedom of expression'.  (Wisconsin State Journal, 10/2/2017)

3/30/2017 update, "UW System Board of Regents campaign donation table gets even redder as of June 1", starts here.

Meet the UW System Board of Regents.  Primarily a club for GOP campaign contributors.

Gov. Scott Walker appoints lawyer and bank executive to UW Board of Regents.  (, 3/30/2017)
[Mike] Jones is an attorney with the Milwaukee firm Michael Best & Friedrich. He received a bachelor's degree from UW-Madison and a law degree from Marquette University. He previously worked for MillerCoors for 30 years, eventually becoming the vice president of corporate affairs. 
[BobAtwell is the chairman and chief executive office of Nicolet Bankshares, Inc. He received a bachelor's degree from Beloit College and a master's degree in public and private management from the Yale School of Management. He is on the board of directors for the Hospital Sisters Healthy System.

Original 6/9/2016 post, "UW System Board of Regents drops curtain on transparency", starts here.

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As reported in UW System withholds budget proposal ahead of regents meeting.  (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 8/9/2016)

You shouldn't be at all surprised by this lack of transparency.


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