Sunday, April 30, 2017

Now you know why department stores are distressed

Photo source:

Reported in For when you want to be a (pretend) working man.  (Great Falls Tribune, 4/28/2017)
The department store also has heavily torn and patched “Barracuda” jeans, which look blood stained. Krogstad’s pitch adds a Montana flare with jeans that look like the wearer was attacked by a grizzly bear.

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Macy's just signaled the end of department stores as we know them. (Business Insider, 3/9/2017)

In light of the above story, the mud-stained jeans make sense, as it gets the Nordstrom name out there.  No news is not good news, and good news, apparently, is anything that gets them headlines and cable news chatter.

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