Saturday, March 5, 2016

Failed Presidential candidate and disgraced former Governor explains rise of Donald Trump

That would be Louisiana's Bobby Jindal.

As quoted in Republican blames Trump’s rise on Obama’s level-headedness. (MSNBC, 3/5/2016)

This from someone who left a wake of destruction in his political path.

The damage done:
  • University funding:  gutted.
  • Rainy-day fund:  depleted
  • State workers:  cut to the tune of 30,000; others furloughed
Louisiana stands on the brink of economic disaster.  Despite all the cuts of the previous years, the nation’s second-poorest state still needed nearly $3 billion — almost $650 per person — just to maintain its regular services over the next 16 months. Edwards gave the state’s lawmakers three weeks to figure out a solution, a period that expires March 9 with no clear answer in reach.

The Presidential candidate as fulltime bottom feeder.

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