Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Beyond CES: Tangram Smart Rope

Just music.  No voice-over.

8 cool tech products from DISTREE EMEA 2016.  (PCR, 2/29/2016)
Tangram’s Smart Rope [FAQtakes fitness trackers to a whole new level. The rope itself is LED-embedded, so as you skip, a digital display of your fitness data is projected mid-air in front of you with every jump. 23 LEDs are fitted along the rope to product the ‘screen’, which consists of four characters counting your number of jumps. Future updates promise calories burned, interval training data and more.
Yours for $89.99

Limited feedback to date on Amazon.

The buzzkill review asks, "No USB cable included...?"

Bottom line:  I'll stick with my AMF Whitley.

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