Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jeremy Thiesfeldt UPDATE. The Peter Principal in action

Wisconsin legislator, school principal deletes tweet about guns, apologizes.  (Fond du Lac Reporter, 2/17/2018)

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According to the Congressional Research Service, there are roughly twice as many guns per capita in the United States as there were in 1968: more than 300 million guns in all.

2017 update, "Legislator with no public school experience continues to serve as chair of education committee:, starts here.

And he's supporting the private school voucher industry candidate for WI State Superintendent of Public Instruction. 

In fact....

Reported in Republican lawmakers differ on state superintendent race.  (, 1/20/2017)

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Original 12/16/2014 post, "Meet Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Chair of the Assembly Education Committee", starts here.

News release announcing appointment.

Photo credit:  Wisconsin State Legislature
Text from biography on Thiesfeldt's website

While every institution has its strengths, Martin Luther College is distinctive. We are the WELS* College of Ministry. We exist solely to train future pastors, teachers, and staff ministers for the public ministry in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod. If you are considering service to the church in one of these capacities, then we are the college for you. [Emphasis added.]

Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, the most conservative and smallest of U.S. Lutheran Synods.

Thiesfeldt is in favor of repealing the Common Core standardsRepresentative Thiesfeldt Applauds Governor’s Request Seeks WI Repeal of Common Core Standards.

Thiesfeld is in favor of school choice and the expansion of the voucher programSchool Choice Works!

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Anonymous said... pointed out how although Thiesfeldt points out his education experience he has never taught in public schools

Wait...I was looking for what he said and found a new post with this,

Okay, I'm going to go ahead and stop you right there. You've worked in a private religious school system in Fond du Lac. You've never worked in the public system at all, which automatically creates a huge blemish on your record of "working in schools" for almost any teacher worth their marbles. Plus, you've only done it in the Fond du Lac area. No urban experience. No TRUE suburban experience. No rural, away from any urban center, experience.

Anonymous said...

A lot of private school students from my town attend MLC. I had not realized it was almost entirely education and theology degrees.

Nothing wrong with that of course, I just thought it was a wider spread.