Monday, April 9, 2012

“….really, what ALEC is, is a bipartisan association of state legislators….” (Wisconsin State Assembly version)

Wisconsin State Assembly Republicans
ALEC members highlighted

Don't Just Pressure ALEC's Corporate Sponsors, Name and Shame ALEC Legislators, by John Nichols.  (Nation, 4/7/2012)

Excerpt:   What's happening with ALEC is good. But not good enough. 

Pressured by a coalition of civil rights, clean government and religious groups to quit their memberships in the American Legislative Exchange Council, multinational corporations are indeed exiting ALEC. Now, it's time to demand that the 2,000 legislators who have joined ALEC do the same.

Vos and  Suder are listed as "State Charimen".

Wisconsin State Assembly Democrats
ALEC members highlighted

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