Monday, April 4, 2011

Community Outreach @ the Orfordville Public Library

Sarah Strunz reaches out to Orfordville through library, volunteering. (Janesville Gazette, 3/28/2011)

Excerpt: When a workspace is too small, make it bigger.

That's what Sarah Strunz has done with her outreach efforts as librarian at the Orfordville Public Library.

The cramped library is smaller than many houses—only 1,200 square feet in two stories at the corner of Beloit, Center and Spring streets downtown.

A lack of computers and space didn't stop Strunz from finding ways to offer computer classes and story times around the community. She understands the importance of a local library, and she is helping to plan a new library that she hopes to see built in the next couple of years.

"When I come to work, I feel like I'm providing a service that wouldn't be provided in any other way," she said.

Strunz is very enthusiastic and does a lot of outreach in the community, said Ruth Ann Montgomery, director of the Arrowhead Library System

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