Saturday, April 9, 2011

Brown County Central Library @ the Heart of Its Community

Brown County Central Library update plans begin with education. (Green Bay Press Gazette, 4/9/2011)

Excerpt:   Community education that begins with a successful marketing plan is the route the Brown County Library Board has chosen in its efforts to get the Central Library renovated.

The board, left with the task of finding a way to either reduce the $23 million price tag on the project or coming up with funds that will convince the County Board to bond for some of it, began its education offensive Friday with the formation of a task force.

Headed by Kathy Pletcher, associate provost for Information Services at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, the task force will include representatives from Downtown Green Bay Inc., Friends of the Library and library officials.

The cost will not be the initial focus.

"We need to define what the definition of a great library is and take the approach that this place is special," said Jeff Mirkes, executive director of Downtown Green Bay Inc. "A strong healthy downtown has a successful library and it speaks to the character of the community.

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