Saturday, September 19, 2009

Questionable Spending Leads to Oversight Training Sessions In Lexington , KY

Lexington, Kentucky
"Horse Capital of the World"

Link to September 19 Lexington Herald-Leader article, "Public board members get oversight training".

Excerpt: They read the news stories this year about questionable spending at public organizations, and they saw the outrage that resulted. Now some of Lexington's public board members say they want to do a better job safeguarding the resources with which they're entrusted.

Last Tuesday, about 80 board members representing 17 institutions attended the first training session organized by Mayor Jim Newberry. The session followed a series of Herald-Leader articles about expenses at several agencies, including Blue Grass Airport and the Lexington Public Library.

Attendance by members of 17 community boards was encouraged by the mayor. Future appointees will be required to attend the training sessions.

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