Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Green Dam Censorware System

China backs off.
Link to June 16 boingboing post "China backs off on mandatory spyware".

Excerpt: China's turnaround comes as public outcry over the Green Dam Web filtering software struck a nerve both inside and outside China.

Analysis of the Green Dam Censorware System (revision 2.4, June 11, 2009) by Scott Wolchok, Randy Yao, and J. Alex Halderman, Computer Science and Engineering Division, The University of Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

Paul, The end users were never reuqired to install or run Green Dam.

"Preinstall" in Chinese actually means "bundle". Take this 6/12 ZDNet article citing WSJ for example:

As to what Green Dam will filter, it is configuable by the user.

How can this be twisted into "censorware" is beyond me - anti-sinoism perhaps?