Friday, April 3, 2009

Drop Everything and Read

Link to April 3 Fond du Lac Reporter article, "High school community drops everything and reads".

Excerpt: According to a recent scholastic inventory, 87 out of the 525 ninth graders at Fondy High tested below a basic reading comprehension level. The findings led to a 14-month investigation by a literacy team into student reading patterns.

“It’s a big concern at any public school and we are trying to address it,” Wiltzius said. “Students who can read with comprehension and understanding achieve in all areas of their lives.”

Senior Tori Fanetori said when she heard about D.E.A.R. she told her principal it was a lame idea.

“Now I can’t put the book down, I even take it home with me,” she said of the novel “Please Stop Laughing at me” by Jodee Blanco.

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