Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Scott Walker is this year's April Fool's joke

He thinks we haven't been paying attention.

GOP Gov. Scott Walker lost his bid for re-election by roughly 1 percentage point Nov. 6 to Democrat Tony Evers. 
Yet Walker carried 63 of the state’s 99 state Assembly districts. 
In fact, the data show that 64 of the 99 districts are more Republican than the state as a whole, based on their vote for governor. 
In other words, Republicans enjoy a built-in 64-35 advantage in the partisan makeup of the 99 Assembly districts. In a hypothetical 50-50 election, in which there are equal numbers of Democratic and Republican voters in Wisconsin, no one crosses party lines and independents split down the middle, that translates into a massive 29-seat GOP advantage in the Assembly. That's very close to the 27-seat margin (63-36) that Republicans won last month.

Been there, done that.  In other words, Scott Walker approved a master plan to gerrymander Republicans into long-term power. 

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On whether Wisconsin is the most gerrymandered state.  (PolitiFact Wisconsin, 6/18/2018)
A federal court had said maps drawn in 2011 by Wisconsin Republicans were among the most heavily skewed to one party of any plan in the country going back more than 40 years. 
And, with the caveat that there isn’t a universally accepted definition of gerrymander, two studies put Wisconsin at or near the top.

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