Monday, May 20, 2019

GET ME REWRITE: Democrats encourage Kris Kobach to run for U.S. Senate seat in Kansas

Kobach's negatives helped to elect a Democratic governor in Kansas last November.

Source:  Ballotpedia

Any anti-Kobach efforts by groups such as the National Republican Senatorial Committee or the Senate Leadership Fund likely would take the form of undermining Kobach without actively supporting any of the other GOP candidates running against him. 
“They’ll do some actual spending if it comes to that,” said Jennifer Duffy, senior editor for The Cook Political Report, a publication that analyzes U.S. Senate and Governors races. “They’ll talk about electability, they’ll talk about some of his controversies. I don’t think they want a slash-and-burn effort, but their goal will be to disqualify without at this point getting behind a candidate.”

Original 2/5/2019 post, "Kris Kobach and David Clarke are helping to build Trump's border wall", starts here.

Reported in $20 million donated to viral border wall GoFundMe set to be refunded.  (USA Today, 1/11/2019)

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