Saturday, October 13, 2018

In a perfect world, Brad Schimel's well-deserved run of bad press should tank his re-election chances

There's certainly plenty of evidence
  1. Botching a Lincoln Hills investigation
  2. Suppressing votes
  3. Bungling John Doe investigations
  4. Spending big on swag
  5. Earning the nickname 'Backlog Brad'
  6. Issuing gag orders
  7. Fighting against environmental and consumer protections
  8. Politicizing his office

A dozen employees, both current and former, shared similar concerns with the Cap Times. In addition, 45 former assistant attorneys general signed an open letter in August opposing Schimel’s re-election on the same grounds. About 14 of those who signed the letter, including Greene, outlined their grievances against the state Department of Justice and their support for Josh Kaul, Schimel’s Democratic opponent, at a press conference at the Capitol Wednesday.

Considering that few people know who he is, I'm thinking we should take it as a good sign that Josh Kaul is down just 5 percentage points in the latest Marquette poll.  (His 38% compared to 43% for Schimel.)

Blame it on consolidation of media.  Outside of Madison and Milwaukee, it's USATodayLand.

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