Sunday, September 23, 2018

Are Wisconsin voters ready to reward Attroney General Brad Schimel for his incompetence?

Still plenty of undecideds.  And if you dig into the numbers, you'll see that Marquette has a big problem reaching younger voters.

Consultant uncovers host of problems at Wisconsin crime labs.  (, 9/19/2018)
I'm surprised that Schimel, like his boss, hasn't blamed Jim Doyle (WI Attorney General 1991-2002).  The center’s 24-page report ticked off a host of problems, most notably that employee turnover has become such an issue that the labs are in a constant state of training, which pulls trainers off casework. That forces other analysts to take on the trainers’ work, pulling them off casework, too. 
A number of factors are playing into turnover, the center found. Entry-level analysts are making more than senior and advanced analysts because the market rate for their positions is outpacing DOJ salary increases for the more experienced workers, leading to low morale. Administrative staff pay is so low that they’re constantly seeking employment elsewhere, the center said.

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