Tuesday, February 4, 2020

UPDATE. Coming in late 2020: Stone Horse Green in downtown Middleton

Photos by Retiring Guy

Downtown Plaza Moves Forward, Named Stone Horse Green.  (Middleton Times Tribune, (11/29/2019)
Those principles are as follows: 
1. Be a respite for downtown life, and incorporate nature and natural materials. 
2. Encourage gathering for all ages in a safe, flexible environment. 
3. Serve as a place to strengthen community around music, art, food and culture. 
4. Be a source of light and warmth in the cold winter months.  
5. Create a central destination to begin exploration of downtown.

Original 5/15/2018 post, "City of Middleton wants your input on design of downtown plaza", starts here.

Longtable is across the street behind me.  Village Green is at the right.
Photos by Retiring Guy

New downtown plaza.  (Erdman)

 A closer view of the board

Downtown Middleton plaza.  (City of Middleton)

A close-up of the board

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