Wednesday, January 3, 2018

CES 2018 preview: Samsung's GoBreath

Samsung to introduce smart glasses, lung recovery device at CES.  (c|net, 1/2/2018)
GoBreath, which looks like a teched-out inhaler, is a portable device connected to an app that teaches patients with lung damage techniques to help with postoperative recovery. Patients are often told to exercise deep breathing to speed up recovery, but lung pain can make it challenging. 

On the other hand:
The 3 Most Important Tips For Healing The Lungs Naturally.  (Live Love Fruit, 9/17/2013)
1.  Eat lung-healthy foods.  2.  Get moving.  3.  Avoid irritants.
15 Plants and Herbs That Boost Lung Health, Heal Respiratory Infections And Even Repair Pulmonary Damage.  (Real Farmacy)
Includes sage and thyme, but not parsley and rosemary.

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