Sunday, December 31, 2017

UPDATE: Sassy Leah subscribes to Paul Ryan-endorsed plutocrat credo: Let the little people suffer

Leah Vukmir signals support for federal entitlement cuts championed by Paul Ryan.  (, 12/22/2017)

12/12/2017 update, "Sassy Leah strategically aligns herself with truculent Trump and gladiatorial  hard-right GOP", starts here.

Quoted in Leah Vukmir slams Russia probe, FBI: 'Something is rotten'.  (, 12/12/2017)

Original 10/23/2017 post, "Leah Vukmir gets sassy in new Wisconsin State Senate glamour photo", starts here.

Gauzy, too.  Seems an odd photo choice for someone running for the U.S. Senate, "one of the highest offices in the land".

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